manufacturing for 45 years

people in and around outdoor pond in winter

Finnmark designs ownership started out roughly 45 years ago building custom Finnish saunas for a local sauna builder in a small wood shop in Tampere, Finnland, known as the Sauna Capital. Inspiration came from one of the oldest sauna’s in the world, the Rajaportti Sauna.

There first commercially built sauna was a renovation for Rauhaniemi Folk Spa in Rauhaniemen kansankylpylä.

One of the nicest public saunas in Tampere.

orignial Finnmark sauna

In 1997 two employees branched away from Finnish saunas and launched their own company designing infrared saunas, Finnmark Designs. Partnering with several factories and manufacturers both in Finland and Asia, these two employees were the top designers for many US based infrared sauna resellers for many years.

In 2006, Finnmark Designs and it’s owners partnered exclusively with a US based sauna reseller. Between 2006 and 2018 the owners of Finnmark Designs designed and helped manufacturer over 30,000 infrared saunas that were sold primarily to US customers.

Our expertise and longevity give us the edge in engineering, designing and manufacturing one of the best infrared saunas on the market today.

Finnmark Hybrid Sauna

2019 Release

Finnmark Designs is proud to announce the release of it’s new infrared sauna, the Hybrid. Launching exclusively for the US market with the help of many US based industry professionals. The Hybrid was built on decades of expertise bringing you the best infrared sauna money can buy. With advancements in heating technology, wood and overall design this new sauna will rival many infrared saunas in the US market.

*Finnmark Designs is not associated with Finnmark Saunas, who are Finnish sauna builders.