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Finnmark FSC™ Certified cedar

At Finnmark, we care about forests globally and locally. We work with FSC™ to protect our forests. This means we can all benefit from the many products that forests provide now, while ensuring these forests will be around for generations to come.

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Collective Impact

We believe that only together can we protect our forests. Finnmark only works with certified mills that are certified in preserving our forest. Together, we can make an impact for our future generations.

raw cedar planks

“A” Grade Canadian red cedar

Western Red Canadian Cedar is the only wood that should be used in the manufacturing of a sauna. Why? It’s the only wood that’s naturally antimicrobial and prevents fungi and mold from growing.

White woods; hemlock, aspen, douglas fir and poplar are all very porous woods that retain mold and fungi. Overtime this mold and fungi can grow within your sauna which releases more toxins than you can sweat out. In 99% of all commercially built saunas, cedar is used for its durability and antimicrobial properties.

Don’t allow other brands to confuse the issue by saying Cedar is toxic or creates an allergic or asthmatic reaction. The studies they are referring to are based on Cedar wood dust, not finished planks.

When you use a sauna, you sweat. This sweat is comprised of chemicals and toxins your body is naturally releasing. With white woods, this sweat gets deep into the wood’s grain and pours where mold and fungi start growing. Once fungi and mold starts to grow your white wood will cause an exponential amount of air toxins. No ventilation or air circulation fan can prevent this. According to FEMA mildew and mold starts growing within 24-48 hours.

Finnmark Cedar Processing

Unlike other infrared sauna manufacturers, Finnmark has one very significant difference. Generally cedar is cut and then placed into a high-temperature thermal cabin or stove to accelerate the drying process. The disadvantage of this method of drying is that you lose many of the woods natural water molecules under extreme-temperatures. These water molecules are what gives cedar it’s antimicrobial benefits.

The cedar used for Finnmark infrared saunas is naturally dried for minimum of 6 weeks under the sun to preserve the wood’s natural state. This method also guarantees that the wood will keep a majority of it’s water molecules keeping it’s unique ability to kill bacteria and mold, keeping your sauna smelling fresh. The wood will never bend out of form, crack or lose its color.

Western Red cedar may be very different, depending on:

We care about the nature and work only with certified wood suppliers. To keep forest natural renovation process, Western red cedar that is supplied for production of Finnmark infrared saunas is over 300 years old.

The cedar that Finnmark uses is cut in winter, as all essential oils and nutrients of the tree are kept inside the trunk to be used by the tree during cold Canadian winters. Winter cutting and processing allows to keep these volatile aroma compounds for ages in every plank.

Sapwood is one of the two parts that make up the inner part of the trunk. These parts together form the xylem.

forest with cedar trees
closeup of hemlock woodgrain


$2.12 per Bd Ft

Low cost Hemlock is a soft wood that easily pliable which makes it prone to warping, cracking and bending. Does not stand up to fluctuations of temperatures found in an infrared sauna. Very porous wood susceptible to growing mold and fungi.

closeup of poplar woodgrain


$2.33 per Bd Ft

Low cost Poplar is slightly better than Hemlock but is still prone to warping, cracking and bending. Does not stand up to fluctuations of temperatures found in an infrared sauna. Very porous wood susceptible to growing mold and fungi.

closeup of basswood woodgrain


$2.46 per Bd Ft

Basswood is one of the softest woods in commercial use. While Basswood is considered hypoallergenic it is still extremely porous. This makes it susceptible to growing mold and fungi, completely defeating it’s hypoallergenic properties.

closeup of western cedar woodgrain

Western Cedar

$3.67 per Bd Ft

Cedar is low shrinkage, extremely durable, will never crack or warp, is the best thermal insulator among all woods and is the only wood used in saunas that is antimicrobial, preventing the growth of mold and fungi.

Western red cedar misconceptions letter


Rod Stirling, Senior Scientist at FPInnovations explains Western red cedar does not contain the volatile oils cedrene and cedral. In addition, the adverse health effects are based on milling or breathing in airborne cedar dust. Finnmark saunas are not shipped with dust. In fact, Finnmark has a 3-stage blowing process to remove any dust particles left behind from manufacturing. A Finnmark exclusive.

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