Finnmark sauna cabins assembled in warehouse

45 Year History

Finnmark controls its entire design, testing, and manufacturing process because we are the experts. Our staff is comprised of designers and engineers that ensure we build the very best infrared sauna on the market.

We subject our designs to rigorous health and safety inspections, including third-party tests and certifications like ETL, UL, ROHS and ISO. Why buy from a sauna reseller when you can buy directly from the source?

Quality Materials – No Shortcuts

We only build our cabins with clear grade “A” Western Red Cedar that is FCS certified. We naturally air dry our wood to preserve the natural wood’s state.

Our Spectrum+ heaters are not only non-toxic but are one of the only heaters in the industry that are UL listed for safety. This is extremely important for the safety of you and your family.

raw cedar planks

Craftsmanship like no other brand

When it comes to craftsmanship, Finnmark excels. We focus on the age of the tree, time of year it was cut and the section that is most durable, the trunk. Complying with these requirements, you receive the best of the best.

Our assembly process is extremely easy. We don’t use unsightly buckles, hard to match clips or unsafe high powered magnets that are extremely dangerous for people with pacemakers.1

Almost all Finnish saunas use screws and most brands that understand the engineering of infrared saunas and the fluctuation of heat also use them. They are the safest and absolute best way to make a tight seal.


forest with cedar trees

Wood Sourcing

We focus on the age of the tree, time of year it was cut and the section that is the most durable, the trunk. We only purchase clear, grade “A” FCS Western Red Cedar from certified Canadian Mills.

cedar planks stacks drying

Naturally Air Dried

Finnmark is one of the only sauna brands that naturally air dries their cedar to retain the cedars natural state and antimicrobial properties. This process is more natural and pure for cedar fabrication.

milling machine in workshop

Precise Fabrication

Panels are cut and fabricated with top of the line laser guided CNC machines to ensure every sauna is built to perfection. Our factory has over 5 million dollars invested in woodworking equipment.

populated circuitboard

Electronics Tested

Installed electronics are rigorously tested and top of the line. Our Spectrum Plus heaters are UL listed for safety. This ensures your sauna will perform at it’s highest level after many years of continued use.

Finnmark sauna cabins assembled in warehouse

Final Assembly

The sauna is assembled to test electrical components, wood structure and radiation levels. Then, every component of our saunas is carefully packaged and shipped to our warehouse in California.

palletized Finnmark sauna on dolly outside home

Home Delivery

We only use top LTL carriers to ensure a successful delivery. We upgrade every shipment to a lift gate service and require the sauna to be delivered by two men to your garage or dry location.