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Custom Outdoor Covers

Finnmark Designs works with the industry leader in providing the absolute best outdoor covers for all saunas.  Covers come with a 5-year warranty and are made with pride in the USA. 

Marine Grade Protection

Protect your investment with the highest grade sauna cover possible.  With over 25 years of experience, makes the longest lasting covers available.  

  • Two Marine Grade Heavy Duty #10 Zippers;
  • Valance on the front side ;
  • Ties Under the valance for door roll-up;
  • Marine Grade Vinyl roof for both flat roof and peak roof;
  • Marine Grade Acrylic Canvas sides;
  • Marine Grade Thread;
  • 5-year Limited Warranty.


Top Quality Material

  • Your custom Sauna Cover is constructed with the highest quality marine grade materials:

  • Waterproof Aqualon Roof material, that is warranted for 5 years;
  • Side walls are constructed with Sauleda Marine Canvas, that is warranted for 10 years;
  • Marine Grade Heavy Duty #10 Zipper ;
  • Marine grade thread made from UVR polyester that will last the lifetime of your cover;
  • Decorative and function front side Valance keeps your sauna clean and dry (the Valance provides extra moisture protection for your sauna);
  • Marine grade, 3/8-inch, #1 Phillips Recess Screw head, self-tapping screws, Brass/Nickel studs, and Stainless-Steel Snaps to securely hold your cover in place (we put the Snaps on to provide better support to ensure your sauna cover will stay in place in moderately windy environments);

Many Colors Available

More than 23 different colors are available to fit your outdoor color scheme and landscaping.