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Highly certified products

Finnmark designs takes pride in ensuring your safety by providing products that are highly certified.  Unlike many sauna manufacturers our infrared saunas are ETL listed and our Spectrum Plus™ infrared heaters are UL listed.  Why does this matter?  It matters because most saunas sold have zero safety certifications which means who knows how it was built and if it’s even safe to operate.  

You might pay more for a sauna that is ETL listed with heaters that are UL listed but your safety is priceless.  

When shopping for a sauna always ask if their products have safety certifications.  Finnmark Designs was amazed to see how many saunas (mostly modular) that have failed due to poor quality parts that have no certifications.  Here is a great resource to see how bad many of the modular saunas sold today are.  

Infrared Sauna Foundation

Certified lumber

Finnmark Design’s Western Canadian Cedar is 100% FSC™ certified that’s kiln dried for 3 days and air dried for 10 days.  This process ensures you are receiving the perfect amount of moisture content in each T&G panel. 

In 2022, Finnmark Designs invested heavily into a process that is well know in Finnland, thermal modification. Using just heat and steam, our advanced technology transforms carefully selected, certified timber from sustainably managed forests into a range of inspiring and naturally chemical-free products.  While many competitors are cutting costs, Finnmark Designs is investing into the future of providing sustainable and chemical-free saunas. 

When shopping for an infrared sauna it’s very important to research and understand sauna wood.  Read more. 

Spectrum Plus™ heaters

Spectrum Plus™ short wave infrared heaters for deep penetrating heat, up to 25x more than standard carbon panel heaters. 

The heart and sole of any infrared sauna are the heaters.  Yet, so many sauna manufacturers spend very little time, effort and R&D to ensure they are providing the absolute best.  

Finnmark Design’s Spectrum Plus heaters are the only infrared heaters in the market that holds the prestigious UL listing for safety and performance. 

Finnmark Designs developed Spectrum Plus™ to be the best heater available to ensure you maximize every minute of therapy in your infrared sauna.  Read more

A proven team

The team at Finnmark Designs has decades of experience in the sauna industry.  From manufacturing to designing our depth of knowledge and expertise is hard to compete with.  Our mission is to produce the highest quality saunas at the absolute best prices possible, without shortcuts.  

Finnmark Designs is one of the only sauna manufacturers to have a real doctor that is still practicing medicine as our brand partner.  This relationship is powerful for our customers as it allows us to focus on your wellness and creating products that are backed by real medical citations.

We strive to be the absolute best.