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Medicine over marketing™

Finnmark Design’s mission is to manufacture the best saunas at the best possible price.  Our goal has always been to follow the medicine and let our competitors sell marketing hype.  For example, did you know ALL sauna studies were done using HIGH HEAT?  That’s right, the majority of our competitors make medical claims based on temperatures the saunas they sell can’t even reach.  Ethical?  We will let you be the judge. 

When shopping for saunas, especially infrared, do your research and do your best to mute all the marketing noise.  You’re purchasing a sauna to sweat, that’s why Finnmark Designs built the only infrared sauna to reach 170° on a standard outlet.  

Saunas are 80% wood

Low quality woods are rampant in the sauna industry, especially in the US where a narrative takes the place of the truth.  White woods (Hemlock, Poplar and Basswood) are porous woods that are susceptible to growing mold, bacteria and fungi.  These woods are like a sponge to your sweat. 

When the cost of cedar skyrocketed, all types of crazy narratives were born regarding woods like eucalyptus and mahogany. If these woods were so great to build a sauna with, why weren’t they used to build saunas years ago?  

Finnmark Designs builds will continue to build saunas using Western Canadian Cedar.  Do they cost more?  Sure.  But cedar will never grow mold, bacteria or fungus like all these other woods.  Read more.

Sauna certifications

Many sauna brands have very little to no certifications on their saunas.  This should concern everyone.  Finnmark Designs has ETL certifications on every sauna that we manufacturer.  We are also the only manufacturer to have UL listed heaters in our saunas.  Why is that important?  Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and Intertek (ETL) both ensure the products you are using are safe.  Are you willing to take a sauna manufacturers word for safety?  

It takes a lot of time, effort and money to receive the certifications needed to manufacturer a high quality sauna.  Finnmark Designs won’t sacrifice your safety over time, effort or money.  We believe every product (especially saunas) should be safe to use. 

Hight-tech infrared heaters

Finnmark Design’s full spectrum infrared saunas are the only saunas on the market with advanced combination therapy and are UL listed for safety. 

Spectrum Plus™  UL listed short wave infrared heaters for deep penetrating heat, up to 25x more than standard carbon panel heaters.  

Spectrum Carbon long wave infrared heaters engineered to produce 360° of pure infrared.  

Spectrum LED near infrared ceiling lights combined with medical grade color therapy.  

Read more.

170° in less than an hour

No other infrared sauna is built with the quality, craftsmanship and technology as Finnmark Design’s infrared saunas.  Get to  beneficial 170° heat in less than 1 hour with combination heat therapy all on a standard home outlet, an engineering marvel.

Our competitors may try to compete but they always fall short.  ALL medical citations in every medical journal written about saunas are based on temperatures of at least 165°.  Don’t be fooled by marketing hype regarding low heat saunas.  There is absolutely zero medical evidence to suggest a low temperature sauna has any benefits, period.  You are purchasing a sauna to sweat profusely and with Finnmark Designs, sweat profusely at high temps in a short amount of time. 

Doctor backed saunas

Finnmark Designs has many medical doctor endorsements, however Dr. Tami is our in-house medical advocate.  Very few sauna manufacturers have a real doctor in-house.  Dr. Tami is a best selling author and a practicing physician at Dr. Tami Integrative Wellness Inc. based in Seattle, Washington.  

Dr. Tami and Finnmark Designs focus on our mission of providing medicine over marketing™ to ensure our saunas provide real benefits based on real medical citations.  Skip the marketing hype and learn what sauna therapy can and is medically proven to take your health to the next level. 

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