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Premium Wood

The wood used in Finnmark Design’s infrared saunas are top shelf premium cut lumber. An infrared sauna is 90% wood, choose wisely.  

“A” Grade Western Canadian cedar interior

Western Red Canadian Cedar is the only wood that should be used inside a sauna. Why? It’s the only wood that’s naturally antimicrobial and prevents fungi and mold from growing.

White woods; hemlock, aspen, douglas fir and poplar are all very porous woods that retain mold and fungi. Overtime this mold and fungi can grow within your sauna, which releases more toxins than you can sweat out. In 99% of all commercially built saunas, cedar is used for its durability and antimicrobial properties.

When you use a sauna, you sweat. This sweat is comprised of chemicals and toxins your body is naturally releasing. With white woods, this sweat gets deep into the wood’s grain and pours where mold and fungi start growing. Once fungi and mold starts to grow your white wood will cause an exponential amount of air toxins. No ventilation or air circulation fan can prevent this. According to FEMA mildew and mold starts growing within 24-48 hours.

Thermal Plus™ Aspen exterior

Absolutely zero chemicals are used in treating Finnmark Design’s Thermal Plus™ wood.  Only heat and steam using state-of-the-art autoclaves.  While other brands are forced to offer inferior woods, Finnmark Designs is investing to provide the most durable wood available.  

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Do our competitors even know saunas?

Low quality woods are rampant in the sauna industry, especially in the US where a narrative takes the place of the truth.  White woods (Hemlock, Poplar and Basswood) are porous woods that are susceptible to growing mold, bacteria and fungi.  These woods are like a sponge to your sweat. 

When the cost of cedar skyrocketed, a new narrative around eucalyptus was born.  If it was such a great wood for a sauna, why wasn’t it sold that way prior to the price of cedar increasing?  Eucalyptus wood smells nothing like the oil, it smells of moss and a forest floor.  In addition, the fibers are prone to temperature changes which causes warping and cracking.  


$3.75 per Bd Ft*

Low cost Hemlock is a soft wood that easily pliable which makes it prone to warping, cracking and bending. Does not stand up to fluctuations of temperatures found in an infrared sauna. Very porous wood susceptible to growing mold and fungi.


$3.85 per Bd Ft*

Low cost Poplar is slightly better than Hemlock but is still prone to warping, cracking and bending. Does not stand up to fluctuations of temperatures found in an infrared sauna. Very porous wood susceptible to growing mold and fungi.


$4.25 per Bd Ft*

Basswood is one of the softest woods in commercial use. While Basswood is considered hypoallergenic it is still extremely porous. This makes it susceptible to growing mold and fungi, completely defeating it’s hypoallergenic properties within a sauna.


$5.65 per Bd Ft*

Still have a facemask?  You will need it.  Don’t let sauna companies confuse you.  Eucalyptus wood smells nothing like the oil.  It smells like moss and the forest floor.  It’s prone to cracking during temperature changes and is not a good fit for saunas.  

Finnmark Designs Premium Lumber


Thermal Plus™ Aspen

$8.25 per Bd Ft*

 Ahead of the curve, naturally. Using only heat and steam, we’ve taken a wood that is already hypoallergenic and made it as strong and durable as cedar.  In fact, one could argue Thermal Aspen is stronger, longer lasting and more durable than cedar.  Upgrade your sauna experience with Thermal Aspen. 

While other sauna manufacturers are downgrading their wood and charging more, Finnmark Designs is investing in technology that improves our saunas. 


FCS™ Western Canadian Cedar

$13.65 per Bd Ft*

Imagine a world without a cedar sauna.  Western Canadian Cedar has been used for centuries to build saunas.  Why?  It’s naturally antimicrobial (won’t grow mold, fungi or bacteria), it’s long lasting and extremely durable and most importantly it has a track record like no other wood used in saunas. 

Don’t allow competitors to fool you.  Finished cedar planks are non-toxic as they don’t contain cedrene and cedral. Read what a senior scientist has to say. Click here

Finnmark Designs Infrared Sauna

Finnmark Designs Infrared Sauna

Finnmark Designs Infrared Sauna