Custom Cut Sauna Kits

Finnmark Designs takes building your own custom sauna to the next level.  Our expertise coupled with our strong attention to detail yields some of the best looking customs saunas in the US. 

Full Custom Sauna Kits

(Basic to Exotic)



Many online “sauna” companies will sell you a sauna kit.  What they don’t do is help you with choosing the right bench elevations, wood type, heater size, ventilation, heater position and so many more variables that if done wrong can negatively affect your overall sauna experience.  Don’t make the mistake of trusting the wrong sauna builder.   

Add Infrared to any Sauna

(UL Listed)

Infrared Only

Kits Starting at $3,595

Infrared + Traditional

Kits Starting at $5,995

Infrared + Traditional + Wood

Kits starting at $7,595

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Our Traditional Heater Lineup is Impressive

Too many “sauna builders” carry one maybe two different brands of heaters.  This puts your sauna design and build at an immediate disadvantage.  We have yet to find a heater brand that has it all.  

Finnmark Designs has access to four different traditional heater brands as well as it’s own line of Spectrum Plus™ infrared heaters.  Our heater lineup gives you the options needed to build the sauna of your dreams.  

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Our Infrared Heater is UL Listed

Placing any infrared heater in close proximity to a traditional heater without it being UL listed is not exactly safe.  Spectrum Plus infrared heaters by Finnmark Designs are fully tested and UL listed to ensure safety is priority one.  Obtain lighting fast warm up times and up to 25x deeper infrared therapy than using a standard carbon heater. 

From Basic to Exotic Woods

Outfit your new sauna with everything from cedar to exotic brushed black alder.  Finnmark Designs stocks dozens of different types of lumber along with the design skills to ensure your sauna is one of a kind.  

FREE 3D CAD ($899 Value)

Don’t purchase a custom sauna without seeing a 3D CAD of your design.  Unlike many competitors, we employ a full-time CAD engineer that can help you visualize the sauna of your dreams before construction even starts.

Nationwide Installation

Finnmark Designs is one of the only sauna builders that offers nationwide installation.  We are not resellers of low quality sauna wood nor do we purchase pre-fabricated sauna kits to resell to you.  From concept to install, Finnmark Designs fabricates your custom sauna in-house using state-of-the-art equipment.

There’s a lot more to building a sauna than just putting wood on a wall and installing a heater.  Something as simple as choosing and installing the wrong type of vapor barrier is often done by many sauna builders.  Mistakes like this can cost you a lot of time and money when the wood starts to buckle and you have to tear down an entire wall of your sauna.  

Our team at Finnmark Designs has the experience necessary to build your sauna the right way, the first time.  Schedule a consultation today with an actual expert.  

Custom Salt Walls

Breathe easier when you build a salt wall directly into your sauna.  From small to large designs, we can build it. 

Custom Loungers

The ultimate sauna experience.  Custom cut loungers that delivers comfort like no other sauna can offer.

Custom Lighting Options 

Turn your sauna into a lighted oasis. Dozens of lighting options including wifi and app controlled LEDs.