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Full Spectrum Infrared Saunas

170° In Less Than 1 Hour

The only sauna available with advanced full spectrum infrared heating elements. Spectrum+ and Spectrum Carbon combined to give you the highest level of therapeutic therapy possible in the shortest amount of time. 

Finnmark Designs Infrared Sauna

Finnmark Designs Infrared Sauna

Finnmark Designs Infrared Sauna

Top Selling Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna

No other infrared sauna is built with the quality, craftsmanship and technology as Finnmark Design’s infrared saunas.  Get to the  beneficial 170° in less than 1 hour with combination heat therapy all on a standard home outlet, no electrician required. 


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High Heat Infrared Therapy

Finnmark Design’s full spectrum infrared saunas are the only saunas on the market with advanced combination therapy reaching 170° in less than an hour.  UL listed Spectrum Plus heaters combined with full 360° carbon heaters for the ultimate sauna experience.  

Spectrum Plus™ short wave infrared heaters for deep penetrating heat, up to 25x more than standard carbon panel heaters.  

Spectrum Carbon long wave infrared heaters engineered to produce 360° of pure infrared.  

Spectrum LED near infrared ceiling lights combined with medical grade color therapy.  

Cedar Interior with Thermal Plus Exterior

Antimicrobial Western Canadian cedar interior that protects you against mold, bacteria and fungus.  Thermal Plus™ exterior that will never rot, warp, decay or chip.  Making Finnmark Designs full spectrum infrared saunas one of the healthiest and longest lasting saunas on the market.  

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The most important element of any sauna is its heating source. We’ve taken the research and methodologies from traditional rock sauna elements and engineered a safe and highly effective incoloy heater. This heating technology produces an extremely clean and natural infrared unlike typical ceramic heaters. You achieve high output therapy to maximize every sauna session in less time.

Our Spectrum incoloy heaters are also one of the only infrared sauna heaters in the world to hold the highly prestigious mark of UL. Underwriters Laboratories is a global and independent safety science company with more than a century of expertise innovating safety solutions.

Taking our research even further we have designed this heater to be low EMF by utilizing the research of Oram Miller and Bill Cadwallader, both leading experts in the field of radiations exposure.


deeper sweat than


Faster Heart Rate

Higher Heater Temps

Higher Body Temps

Medical Grade LED Therapy

Take your sauna session to the next level with true medical grade color therapy.  Pick from six different colors, including our new 650nm red light therapy option.  

The Ultimate Sauna Experience

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