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Trinity™ Combination Sauna

The only sauna available with UL listed Spectrum Plus™ infrared heaters combined with a Harvia™ traditional heater combined with true medical grade red light therapy. 

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Hot Rock Steam & Infrared

Compromise no more.  Introducing the only combination sauna with true UL listed infrared heaters combined with either a Harvia or HUUM traditional heater.  Get all the benefits of infrared combined with traditional rocks with steam.   

Spectrum Plus™ Infrared

Get hot fast!  The only heaters that have passed the tests needed by Underwriter Laboratories to be used in combination with a traditional steam sauna stove.  Short wave far-infrared penetrates muscles, joints and makes you sweat 25x more than typical carbon panel heaters. 

Simply the best infrared heaters on the market.  

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Harvia™ Vega Traditional

Take your infrared experience to the next level and combine your treatment with a Harvia™ traditional heater.  Splash some water on the rocks and enjoy the many benefits of steam.  

Spectrum Red Light™ Therapy

Medical grade LED panel capable of producing highly beneficial 650nm of therapy combined with color therapy for those days you need a little love.   

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The Ultimate Sauna Experience


Trinity Sauna

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