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Sweat Faster Guaranteed

Stop wasting hours of your time waiting for your sauna to heat up with low quality heaters.  Finnmark Design’s Spectrum Plus™ heaters are UL listed for safety and are guaranteed to produce up to 25X more heat than  Carbon. 

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Advanced Technology

Spectrum Plus™ short wave infrared heaters for deep penetrating heat, up to 25x more than standard carbon panel heaters. 

The heart and sole of any infrared sauna are the heaters.  Yet, so many sauna manufacturers spend very little time, effort and R&D to ensure they are providing the absolute best.  

Finnmark Designs developed Spectrum Plus™ to be the best heater available to ensure you maximize every minute of therapy in your infrared sauna.  


The most important element of any sauna is its heating source. We’ve taken the research and methodologies from traditional rock sauna elements and engineered a safe and highly effective incoloy heater. This heating technology produces an extremely clean and natural infrared unlike typical ceramic heaters. You achieve high output therapy to maximize every sauna session in less time.

Our Spectrum Plus™ incoloy heaters are also one of the only infrared sauna heaters in the world to hold the highly prestigious mark of UL. Underwriters Laboratories is a global and independent safety science company with more than a century of expertise innovating safety solutions.

Taking our research even further we have designed this heater to be low EMF by utilizing the research of Oram Miller and Bill Cadwallader, both leading experts in the field of radiations exposure.


deeper sweat than


Faster Heart Rate

Higher Heater Temps

Higher Body Temps

UL Listed For Safety

When shopping for an infrared heater, safety should be one of your biggest concerns. Would you trust the safety of your family with low quality untested heaters? Finnmark Design’s Spectrum Plus™ infrared heaters are tested by UL to be 100% safe.  

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Low EMF Technology

Our Spectrum infrared heaters are not only extremely effective, but they are extremely low in radiation. Finnmark has gone to great lengths to protect our customers and are proud to be the only manufacturer that has taken the steps to protect against all 4 types of radiation. Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) are energy waves with frequencies below 300 hertz or cycles per second.


When evaluating a material for it’s properties to give off far infrared heat we evaluate its “emissivity”. Emissivity is the measure of an object’s ability to emit far infrared energy. Emissivity can have a value from 0 (shiny object) to 1.0 (blackbody).

Finnmark’s inconel Spectrum+ heaters produce the highest emissivity of all materials used for heaters within an infrared sauna.

Watt Density

Watt Density is the heat flux emanating from each square inch of the effective heating area (heating surface) of the element. Watt density, expressed in watts per square inch of heater surface area, determines the heater’s operating temperature for a given set of conditions.

So many infrared sauna companies don’t calculate watt density when engineering their saunas. The result of this mistake is slow heat up times coupled with customers complaining they don’t sweat. After all, you are purchasing a device that was specifically built to make you sweat.

Finnmark spent a lot of time, research and performed many calculations to offer the most effective and highest watt density sauna on the market today. Achieving 55% more infrared heat than all competitor heaters tested.

Finnmark Designs Infrared Sauna

Finnmark Designs Infrared Sauna

Finnmark Designs Infrared Sauna


Infrared Saunas

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