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Outdoor Saunas

High quality outdoor saunas by Finnmark Designs.  Built with 1 1/2″ solid boards to ensure your outdoor sauna lasts for years.  All outdoor saunas can be customized and are handcrafted in Canada.  

Finnmark Designs Outdoor Sauna

Pure Cube

Finnmark Designs Outdoor Sauna


Finnmark Designs Outdoor Sauna


Custom 3D Configuration

Book an appointment with one of our sauna experts to utilize our online 3D configuration tool.  Choose from dozens of different configurations to match your style and overall preferences.  

Finnmark Designs Outdoor Sauna

Finnmark Designs Outdoor Sauna


Finnmark Designs Outdoor Sauna


How much do outdoor saunas cost?

There’s way too many variables to consider when pricing an outdoor sauna.  What size?  How big of a heater?  What type of heaters? What wood? Lighting options? Bench options? Glass options? Foundation options?  

A website isn’t enough, you need an expert to walk you through a complete checklist to ensure every detail is covered.   Don’t purchase an outdoor sauna online without speaking to a sauna professional that can ensure you get the best possible experience owning an outdoor sauna. 

Finnmark Designs Outdoor Sauna


Finnmark Designs Outdoor Sauna


Finnmark Designs Outdoor Sauna



Many online “sauna” companies will sell you a modular outdoor sauna, one genrally made in Asia.  While the cost of these modular saunas are less, the quality and overall crafstmanship is to be desired. If you are looking for an outdoor sauna that will last decades, not years, Finnmark Design’s outdoor saunas are hard to beat. 

Add Infrared to any outdoor sauna

(UL Listed)

Infrared Only

Kits Starting at $3,595

Infrared + Traditional

Kits Starting at $5,995

Infrared + Traditional + Wood

Kits starting at $7,595

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