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Upfront & Ethical

In the USA the “lifetime” of an infrared sauna is considered 7 years. Many sauna brands offering a “lifetime warranty” know this and use it against you after 7 years of ownership. Your Finnmark Design’s sauna comes with a 10-year warranty, giving you piece of mind that after 7 years you are still covered.

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Unconditional Lifetime Warranty

Spectrum Plus™  infrared heaters (UL Listed) have an estimated operational life of 40,000 hours and our carbon 360 heaters have an estimated operational life of 30,000 hours. Using your sauna 5 times per week your Spectrum heaters can last up to 130 years. 

Our Spectrum Plus™ Incoloy heaters have a unconditional lifetime warranty. No other sauna brand is that confident in their heating elements. 

10-Year Sauna Warranty

Your sauna is an asset to your health, protect it wisely.  Finnmark Designs doesn’t offer a questionable warranty like many of our competitors.  You receive an upfront warranty with terms that are easy to understand.  

How to care for your wood

Finnmark infrared saunas are made from the highest quality FCS™ Western Canadian Cedar available. Like most furniture or cabinets made of wood they are susceptible to minor dents, scratches and scuffing. This is normal and will not affect the integrity or operation of your sauna.

Wood is a living material that continues to respond to climate conditions, even after our extensive drying process. Irregularities such as fine cracks are part of the natural beauty of the wood and in no way should be considered defects.

Interior cleaning can be done with a small amount of water and a sponge.  To eradicate sweat stains, a light sand with 220 grit sandpaper is recommended.  Never use chemicals of any kind within the interior of your sauna, including the glass. 

Exterior cleaning can be done with a dusting feather.  To add more protection to the exterior of your sauna we recommend using beeswax. Please avoid any treatment containing benzene or a high concentration of alcohol.

Electrical Tips

Hire an electrician to install a new outlet.  Outlets, even in new builds, are often builder grade.  We recommend upgrading to a commercial grade, high current outlet (gray ones). 

Don’t use extension cord or power strips.  Our saunas were engineered to be plugged directly into an outlet.  

Building codes should be followed.  Including, adding any electrical upgrades to your property.  


Finnmark Designs Infrared Sauna

Finnmark Designs Infrared Sauna

Finnmark Designs Infrared Sauna