Finnmark Designs

Sauna history




Where it all started

Finnmark designs original owner started out roughly 45 years ago building custom Finnish saunas for a local sauna builder in a small wood shop in Tampere, Finnland, known as the Sauna Capital. Inspiration came from one of the oldest sauna’s in the world, the Rajaportti Sauna.

There first commercially built sauna was a renovation for Rauhaniemi Folk Spa in Rauhaniemen kansankylpylä.

First USA Infrared Sauna

In 1997 the factory of Finnmark Designs produced one of the first modular saunas to hit the US market.  The LX-201.  Partnering with several resellers the LX-201 sold in excess of 20,000 units from 1997 to 2006.  With cutting edge design, manufacturing and craftsmanship the LX-201 was one of the original modular saunas ever sold in the US. 

In 2006, Finnmark Designs partnered exclusively with a US based reseller to design, manufacturer and sell saunas.  Since 2006, many saunas were designed and ultimately manufactured for many US based sauna companies.   While these companies branded these saunas, the design team at Finnmark Designs were behind them.  

In 2019, Finnmark Designs started selling saunas direct to consumers in an effort to create the best sauna period. 


2019 Sauna Release

Finnmark Designs released the Hybrid infrared sauna for the sole purpose of creating the best modular sauna at the best price possible.  The Hybrid sauna shook the industry with it’s full cedar cabin, UL listed Spectrum Plus™ infrared heaters and amazing craftsmanship never seen before in the modular market.  

The Hybrid was an instant success, producing thousands of happy owners and positive feedback.  

With success comes jealousy.  A competitor that has only been in the sauna business since 2003, Sunlighten Sauna, filed a complaint against Finnmark Designs in 2019.  Only months into it’s launch.  While our opinion is they thought we were new to the business and they could bully us, the tables turned quickly for them.  Finnmark Designs defeated Sunlighten and as of 2023 the patent they used as reference has been invalidated.  Read Press Release

2022 Release

A true 3-IN-ONE combination sauna launched by Finnmark Designs in 2022.  The only combination sauna in the US market to hold the prestigious UL safety certification on it’s infrared heaters; Spectrum Plus™ and a ETL certification on it’s traditional heater, Harvia™ Vega.  Combine these two heaters with a medical grade LED light panel that’s capable of producing red light therapy and you have the ultimate sauna experience. 

No other sauna in the US market can make this claim.   Sweat fast with deep penetrating infrared heat combined with soothing steam.