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Educate Yourself

In the USA the “lifetime” of an infrared sauna is considered 7 years. Many sauna brands offering a “lifetime warranty” know this and use it against you after 7 years of ownership. Your Finnmark Design’s sauna comes with a 10-year warranty, giving you piece of mind that after 7 years you are still covered.

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Infrared Heaters

The three types of heaters commonly sold in infrared saunas are carbon, ceramic and halogen.  Finnmark Designs is one of the only sauna manufactures to produce Incoloy ceramic, our Spectrum Plus.  The only heater that’s UL listed for safety.  The only heater to produce the temperatures needed to activate heat shock proteins. 

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Interior Wood

The only wood that should ever be used within an infrared sauna is Cedar, preferably vertical grain.  

  • Cedar has decades of reliability and history in saunas.
  • Cedar is Antimicrobial, will not grow mold, bacteria or fungus. 
  • Properly kiln dried Cedar will never warp, bend or crack.

The real reasons our competitors don’t offer cedar is because they either can’t obtain it or the cost cuts too far into their margins. 

A picture tells a thousand words.  White woods like basswood grow very dangerous mold within a sauna after a short amount of time.  Notice how mold is growing significantly on the sauna that was built with basswood but it won’t on the side built with cedar? 

In the second image you can see another sauna that was built using basswood.  The yellowing is bacteria and the black is mold.  

Finnmark Designs refuses to manufacturer infrared saunas out of white woods.  We would never put our customers in a situation where they are breathing in mold, bacteria or fungus just to pad our margins.  


Exterior Wood

Ahead of the curve naturally.  Finnmark Designs is proud to introduce the best possible wood for the exterior of an infrared sauna, Thermal Aspen.  Instead of downgrading our exterior wood like many of our competitors we invested in technology that is 100% natural and will last as long if not longer than cedar.  

Using only heat and steam we are able to utilize a technique the Finns developed in the early 2000’s.  Naturally enhancing Aspen to be stronger, longer lasting and just as antimicrobial as cedar. 

Max Temperature

We are constantly searching for medical citations and or data that would suggest that an infrared sauna is beneficial under 165.  Other brands might make up narratives for lower temperatures but scientifically there is no proof.  

This is why the entire line of infrared saunas by Finnmark Designs was built to heat up to 170 degrees.  Our infrared saunas heat up to 170 in the same amount of time or less it takes most of our competitors saunas to reach 140.  Like you, we are scratching our head. 

Finnmark Designs Infrared Sauna

Finnmark Designs Infrared Sauna

Finnmark Designs Infrared Sauna