Maximum infrared therapy

Combination heaters

Why settle for an infrared sauna that’s limited to one type of heater?

Over the last decade, there has been a huge debate as to whether Carbon heaters or Ceramic heaters are “better”. Carbon heaters produce high quality, long wave infrared heat, but the problem is they do not penetrate as deep into muscle and fat as incoloy. Ceramic or incoloy heaters are powerful and emit a lot of infrared heat.

Finnmark’s infrared saunas are engineered using the latest incoloy and carbon technology working simultaneously and independently.

High output incoloy heaters for deep penetrating infrared combined with carbon 360 panels for full surround therapy. This combination maximizes your therapy and is proven to make you sweat faster than any other sauna on the market.

sauna diagram showing Spectrum heater locations
sauna heat distribution diagram
sauna long-wave and short-wave infrared heat diagram


Heat Therapy

sauna long-wave and short-wave infrared heat diagram


By utilizing both long wave (Spectrum Carbon Heaters) and Short Wave (Spectrum Plus Heaters) Finnmark has developed the best heater combination in the sauna industry.

High output – maximum therapy

The most important element of any sauna is its heating source. We’ve taken the research and methodologies from traditional rock sauna elements and engineered a safe and highly effective incoloy heater. This heating technology produces an extremely clean and natural infrared unlike typical ceramic heaters. You achieve high output therapy to maximize every sauna session in less time.

Our Spectrum incoloy heaters are also one of the only infrared sauna heaters in the world to hold the highly prestigious mark of UL. Underwriters Laboratories is a global and independent safety science company with more than a century of expertise innovating safety solutions.

Taking our research even further we have designed this heater to be low EMF by utilizing the research of Oram Miller and Bill Cadwallader, both leading experts in the field of radiation exposure.

25X deeper sweat than carbon heaters
Spectrum Plus Infrared Heating Element
Heart Rate study graph

Faster Heart Rate

heater warm-up time graph

Higher Heater Temps

core body temperature graph

Higher Body Temps

UL Online Certifications Directory
Spectrum Carbon Heaters

medium heat – full body therapy

In combination to our incoloy heaters, Finnmark has designed our carbon 360 infrared panels. Packed with technology our carbon panels are extremely low EMF and ELF, 360 degree coverage and are engineered with carbon weave technology.

The larger size of our carbon Infrared heaters mean more surface area, resulting in lower surface temperature. The result of this low temperature is that our heaters produce more LONG wave infrared heat which is more therapeutic for your body. This means better performance within the optimal wavelength range of 6 to 12 microns with a large portion of wavelengths at 9.4 microns. The human body absorbs more infrared at 9.4 microns.

360° full body therapy

Spectrum watt density

Watt Density is the heat flux emanating from each square inch of the effective heating area (heating surface) of the element. Watt density, expressed in watts per square inch of heater surface area, determines the heater’s operating temperature for a given set of conditions.

So many infrared sauna companies don’t calculate watt density when engineering their saunas. The result of this mistake is slow heat up times coupled with customers complaining they don’t sweat. After all, you are purchasing a device that was specifically built to make you sweat.

Finnmark spent a lot of time, research and performed many calculations to offer the most effective and highest watt density sauna on the market today. Achieving 55% more infrared heat than all competitor heaters tested.

55% more heat than competitor heaters
thermal image of heat on human body
infrared projection testing spectrum heaters

high emissivity with spectrum

When evaluating a material for it’s properties to give off far infrared heat we evaluate its “emissivity”. Emissivity is the measure of an object’s ability to emit far infrared energy. Emissivity can have a value from 0 (shiny object) to 1.0 (blackbody).

Finnmark’s inconel Spectrum+ heaters produce the highest emissivity of all materials used for heaters within an infrared sauna.

Finnmark’s Spectrum carbon heaters are not far behind with our proprietary carbon weave technology.

Spectrum Emissivity graph

Fluke report on emissivity

Fluke, previously Raytek, is one of the leading infrared instrument manufactures has the following emissivity tables available on their website.

When reading the table, please note the values in 8-14 micron ranges – the “vital” range for healing the human body (the symbol μm stands for “micron”). You will see inconel has an emissivity of .95 – the closest to a perfect black body at 1.0. That is why Finnmark chose to integrate both our incoloy (Inconel) heaters with carbon. Inconel produce the highest emissivity of all metals, therefore producing the highest infrared possible.

With Finnmark you get the best of both worlds with two of the highest emissivity levels produced.

Fluke emissivity report


Finnmark is not sure why most infrared sauna brands don’t pay attention to watt density or creating the highest emissivity possible from their heaters. With Spectrum+ incoloy heaters and Spectrum carbon heaters, Finnmark has created an infrared sauna that maximizes both.

Why does this matter? You sweat faster and more profusely creating a higher level of detox, heat shock and therapeutic benefits.

Many brands will try to convince you that lower heat is better for infrared therapy, this is simply not true. All studies and citations relating to the benefits of infrared heat by real (unpaid) doctors show more therapeutic benefit from utilizing higher watt density infrared heaters. For example, when you are inside a temperature controlled environment your body produces much less thermal radiation than if you were outside on a sunny day. By increasing your thermal radiation by the sun your body gets much warmer signaling a thermoregulatory response to produce sweat. Low heat infrared heaters, which are also lower in both watt density and emissivity, delay the body’s reaction to produce a thermoregulatory response, sweat.

The hotter an object is, the more active its molecules are, and the more infrared energy it emits.

sauna user sweating



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