Naturally enhanced wood
for a 100% non-toxic sauna experience

Using only heat and steam we created Thermal Plus






Thermal Plus by Finnmark Designs provides sustainability coupled with similar benefits of cedar.  While other sauna manufacturers are downgrading their wood and charging more, Finnmark Designs is investing in technology that protects our forests for future generations. 

100% Natural Process

Absolutely zero chemicals are used in treating Finnmark Design’s Thermal Plus wood.  Only heat and steam using state-of-the-art autoclaves.  While other brands are forced to offer inferior woods, Finnmark Designs is investing to provide the most durable wood available.  

Preserving our forests together

Future generations rely on decisions that are made now.  Finnmark Designs is committed to protecting our forests while still offering the highest quality saunas on the market today.  

long-term sustainability

It takes over 200 years to grow Western Canadian Cedar. It only takes 50-60 years to grow European Aspen.  Once European Aspen is naturally modified it mirrors all the benefits of Cedar. 

Heat & Steam Process

The process of thermal modification is different based on the end application.  Finnmark Design’s engineers fine tuned this process to make the best possible sauna wood on the market today. 

Thermal Plus Benefits

Thermal Plus is less susceptible to warping, cracking, cupping and will never rot.

Picking the Right Wood

Choosing the wood for your sauna is one of the most important decisions you will make.


We are responsible for keeping our forests full of trees for future generations.