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Finnmark Designs is one of the ONLY sauna manufacturers that have a safety certification on their infrared heaters.  All Spectrum Plus™ infrared heaters by Finnmark Designs are UL listed.  Underwriters Laboratories is the most prestigious safety organization in the world.  They are the gold standard in informing consumers if a product (infrared heater) is safe or not.  

Most reputable sauna manufacturers will have an ETL certification on their sauna, but nothing on their heaters.  Finnmark Designs infrared saunas are ETL certified and our Spectrum Plus™ Infrared Heaters are UL listed.  Making our sauna and heaters some of the safest in the industry.

Wood Slats 

When shopping for an infrared sauna pay close attention to slats over infrared heaters.  Why would you purchase a sauna with infrared heaters that are 80% or more covered in wood?  Infrared is transmitted through wavelengths, wood slats block these wavelengths.  It’s absolutely mind boggling to us why any sauna manufacturer would limit infrared wavelengths in their saunas by covering 80% or more of their heaters.

High Temperatures 

Did you know that carbon infrared heaters can only reach a surface temperature of 140-150 degrees?  And to get that you have to wait over an hour, most of the time 1.5 hours.  There’s actual science and medical journal articles that reference heat, specifically for use within saunas.  No article references any benefits of temperatures below 165 degrees, in fact you won’t even touch heat shock proteins until you reach at least 160 degrees.  So why would you purchase an infrared sauna that heats less than 165 degrees?  

Finnmark Design’s infrared saunas all reach beneficial temperatures of 170 degrees, usually within the first hour of you turning it on.  Don’t be fooled by low temperature saunas that limit your ability to reap all the benefits of owning an infrared sauna.   

Combination Therapy 

Why settle for an infrared sauna that only has one type of heater?  Finnmark Designs infrared saunas boast the benefits of both short wave and long wave heaters.  Spectrum Plus™ short wave specifically placed for deep penetrating heat for common pain areas combined with Spectrum long wave carbon panels on the left and right side.  By combining both short wave and long wave infrared heaters you get to experience the best of both worlds.  

Low EMF Technology 

All infrared heaters manufactured by Finnmark Designs are sent to a NASA award winning EMF testing facility to be thoroughly checked.  Most sauna manufacturers use a company that they can dictate the outcome by only testing in a way that will produce the lowest readings.  We don’t believe this is ethical nor wise.  When choosing an infrared heater make sure they are tested for EMFs and by a company that doesn’t allow the sauna manufacturer to dictate the testing.  

Download Finnmark Designs EMF testing report here.   


This is often an afterthought or not understood by our competitors.  The higher the emissivity value of infrared heaters the closer you get to achieving a perfect black body which equates to a deeper sweat.  Emissivity is defined as the amount of radiation emitted or absorbed by a body compared with that of a black body under identical conditions.

Finnmark Designs infrared heaters were specifically designed to produce some of the highest emissivity available.  Reaching over 90% on both the Spectrum Plus and Spectrum Carbon.

Final Thoughts

When shopping for a new infrared sauna make certain that the heaters used have the following characteristics.  

  • Certifications.  Be sure to make sure the heater is certified not just the sauna.   
  • Wood Slats.  Why would you purchase a sauna that 80% or more of the heaters are covered by wood? 
  • High Temperatures.  You are purchasing a sauna to sweat.  Why purchase one that won’t heat up to the temperatures needed to offer all the benefits of infrared?  
  • Combination Therapy.  Don’t sacrifice.  Get a sauna that has both short and long wave heaters. 
  • Low EMF.  Download and read the tests.  Putting a heater on a forklift and raising it way past the distance you would be in a sauna and saying it’s low EMF is just unethical. 
  • Emissivity.  There’s a lot of science here but if you want the best and deepest sweat find a sauna manufacturer that knows what emissivity.  The higher emissivity the better.  
Finnmark Designs has gone great lengths in manufacturing the best infrared heaters in the industry.  Every aspect of our heaters are well thought out to ensure our customers always obtain the ultimate sauna experience.    

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